Description from website: Introducing the very first Virtual Indigenous Mapping Workshop. For the first time ever, IMW participants can develop their skills, with cutting edge geospatial technologies, from anywhere around the globe. Learn to redefine Indigenous landscapes from Indigenous mapping experts. Develop hands-on skills from leading industry professionals including Esri, Google, NASA, Mapbox and more. Join the Indigenous Maps Network and have unprecedented access to all IMW course materials and exclusive new content posted throughout the year.

This virtual event features:

  • +100 Sessions – Over 100 sessions from Google, Esri Canada, QGIS, Mapbox, and other technology partners
  • +40 Speaker – A dynamic mix of presentations by leading experts and community practitioners from across the world.
  • +500 Participants – Over 500 participants from Indigenous Nations and organizations, universities, government and private sector.


The 2020 Virtual Indigenous Mapping Workshop is FREE for all participants. Over the year, we have have worked on new approaches to enhance and expand our geospatial capacity development opportunities for Indigenous Nations and organizations. With the 2020 Indigenous Mapping Workshop, we are excited to launch the Indigenous Mapping Network. The Indigenous Mapping Network is the indigenized space for Indigenous geospatial technology, training, and community. Members will have exclusive access to Indigenous mapping content, workshops, live and self-paced courses, speaker series, and tools. Join us in building our new community!


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We are pleased to announce our Canadian Indigenous Mapping Workshop in Regina, Saskatchewan, from May 26-28, 2020.  The IMW in Regina will host up to 150 participants. The workshop will explore Google, Esri Canada, QGIS, mapbox, and other geospatial tools. Participants will learn how to use these tools to collect, host, visualize, share, and publish community generated data and better understand how to apply these skills to issues impacting Saskatchewan’s Indigenous communities. The technical training will be co-led by The Firelight Group, Google Earth Outreach, Google’s Trainer Network, Esri Canada, Mapbox, and a global network of Indigenous mapping experts. For more information, please click here.


Ticket Information

#2020IMW Regina is FREE for all Indigenous Nations and Organizations. Registration is still required to reserve a spot. Instructions on how to do so will be detailed in an acceptance letter after you have gone through the application process and have been approved!

For government, academia, not-for-profit and industry, tickets can be purchased for $500. Information on how to purchase a ticket will be detailed in an acceptance letter if your organization has been approved.