March 23, 2021 @ 10:00 am 12:00 pm Vancouver

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What should our Guardians record in the field, and how? How can we efficiently store that information, and find it again later? Is it helping our leaders make and influence high level decisions?
Indigenous Guardians create data when they record observations, in the community, or on the land or water. Used well, data can be a powerful force for Indigenous nations. Yet decisions about what data to gather, how to do so, and how to store or manage it, are some of the most common and pressing questions for Guardians!

In this webinar participants will hear from three guest speakers, Lara Hoshizaki (Program Manager, Coastal Stewardship Network), James Morgan (Lead Technician and Field Coordinator, Gitanyow Lax’yip Guardian ), and Tanya Ball (Coordinator, Kaska Land Guardians). The will discuss to how to decide what data to collect to support strong decision-making, how to collect, manage and use large amounts of complex data, and how to work across Nations and Guardian programs to gather complementary/similar data. There will also be opportunities to share the data tools and apps you use for your Guardian program with the group.

(Information & Image Source: Indigenous Guardians Toolkit)

Indigenous Guardians Toolkit

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In the last decade, Indigenous peoples across Canada have been sounding the alarm about moose populations and their habitats. Moose, a species of deep importance to many Indigenous peoples, cultures, and communities across Canada, have declined in numbers dramatically in many areas – with far-reaching impacts to Indigenous communities, food security, cultures, and ways of life. Many Nations and Guardian programs have responded by developing moose monitoring and stewardship programs.

In response to inquiries, requests and discussion with community partners, the Indigenous Guardians Technical Support Team (TST) are convening a two part, interactive webinar series focused on Indigenous Guardians and Moose Monitoring & Stewardship.

Part 2 of this webinar series will highlight information, resources, and strategies that Indigenous Guardians and stewardship programs are using to address some of the challenges and questions raised during the first webinar session. You’ll learn about available resources to support Indigenous Guardians addressing moose issues. This interactive session will also be a chance to network and connect with other First Nations as you hear about the strategies and approaches others are using to monitor, steward and advocate for moose in their territories.


(Photo Credit: Ami Vitale via Indigenous Guardians Toolkit)

Moose Webinar Part 1

Date: October 20th, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PT.

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Description: Join us for Part 1 of a conversation about Indigenous Guardians and moose stewardship. In this interactive webinar, you’ll hear from Guardians, stewardship staff, and researchers about some leading Indigenous-led moose stewardship and monitoring initiatives in Canada. Speakers will include James Morgan (lead Guardian) and Kevin Koch (wildlife biologist) from Gitanyow First Nation, and Dr. Jesse Popp, an Indigenous Canada Research Chair working with community partners to study moose populations. You will have the opportunity to discuss your questions and highlight current issues related to moose, in small groups with participants from other Indigenous communities and Guardian programs. The issues, concerns and stewardship approaches you share in this webinar will determine our focus for Webinar 2.

More information about the Moose Webinar Series can be found on the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit.


(Photo Credit: Ami Vitale – Indigenous Guardians Toolkit)

Take a guided tour of the tips, resources, and stories available on the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit. Got specific questions or topics of interest to your Guardian Program? Or maybe you have resources, lessons learned, and experiences you’d like to share with others? Indigenous Guardians from across the country have chosen to share insights, lessons learned, and sample documents that you can adapt for your own Guardian program, as well as ideas, tips, and worksheets to help develop and strengthen your Guardian program. This interactive webinar will include an introduction to the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit, a “tour” of its contents, and an interactive session where you can practice using the Toolkit to address your own interests.