Moose Webinar Part 1

Date: October 20th, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PT.

Sign Up: Register here for the webinar.

Description: Join us for Part 1 of a conversation about Indigenous Guardians and moose stewardship. In this interactive webinar, you’ll hear from Guardians, stewardship staff, and researchers about some leading Indigenous-led moose stewardship and monitoring initiatives in Canada. Speakers will include James Morgan (lead Guardian) and Kevin Koch (wildlife biologist) from Gitanyow First Nation, and Dr. Jesse Popp, an Indigenous Canada Research Chair working with community partners to study moose populations. You will have the opportunity to discuss your questions and highlight current issues related to moose, in small groups with participants from other Indigenous communities and Guardian programs. The issues, concerns and stewardship approaches you share in this webinar will determine our focus for Webinar 2.

More information about the Moose Webinar Series can be found on the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit.


(Photo Credit: Ami Vitale – Indigenous Guardians Toolkit)


Join DataStream Data Specialist Patrick LeClair for the first in a new webinar series, designed for anyone who works with data and wants to refresh their skills and connect with other data users.

The presentation will last for one hour, followed by half an hour for questions and answers.

Topics covered will be:
• What is Data Management and why does it matter?
• Data Management planning.
• Best practices for getting the most out of your data.

About you:
You are a researcher, student or employee who collects or manages water quality data. You want to stay up to date on data management best practices to ensure your data will be useful for years to come.

DataStream is an open access platform for sharing water quality data, led by The Gordon Foundation in collaboration with regional partners and monitoring networks.

Find out more at and if you have any questions please contact